Treeman: The Cure – My Shocking Story

36-year old, Dede, from Indonesia is afflicted with a terrible disease that is encasing his body with tree like roots. Thick branch like growths on his hands…

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36 Responses to Treeman: The Cure – My Shocking Story

  1. dira theGRANDdawwn says:

    im indonesian, i understand what he’s saying, and this really touched my
    heart. I’m glad he’s cured. bismillah..gbu?

  2. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Hopefully this disease will leaf him alone for good.?

  3. joe says:

    God doesn’t give people this diseases, we create all these things by
    the earth?

  4. awesomejohnnet says:

    Dede we believe in God too.. and we are praying for you to recover as soon
    as possible. I am sure that there is always hope and I hope and pray that
    you get totally well soon. Bismillahirrrahmanirrahim?

  5. Crosciatus says:

    Well, I just learned that if I ever find myself in Indonesia, I will
    absolutely *not* be consenting to medical care. The most “shocking” part of
    this was the absolutely abhorrent comments and medieval decisions made by
    the Indonesian “Doctors”. ?

  6. barnabbas says:

    True : I’m shock with what his body have happen and luckily the cure could
    make him to his own self again and that’s very great news and no more
    wooden hand^^
    Jokes : If he is the same as the animation Naruto the first hokage
    Hashirama Senju !! I would like to have his wooden skill and conquer the
    world. LOL..?

  7. Aurora Dawn says:


  8. Jadore Dior says:

    I’m praying for you <3?

  9. Clair Yoon says:

    God bless this guy…he really makes you think about how fortunate some of
    us are in the world. I will appreciate the little things in my life?

  10. Grace Liu says:

    When I saw the title, I was like, YES!!! Finally there is a CURE for him!
    But I am saddened that he is actually not cured; he was just getting better
    than his previous condition. ?

  11. LoLKaiaBoi Gamez says:

    What if the Mermaids were the cure? Kiss a mermaid?

  12. RedJewFluter says:

    This bbc show ‘my shocking story’ is a big freak show, no better than the
    one dede is in.?

  13. Shannen ss says:

    nice work to the team that produce this video. ?

  14. falloutmaster233 says:

    Well aids strikes again….?

  15. Senta Kretzschmar says:

    This disgusts me. The indonesian government and the hospital didn’t
    actually care for the patient, they cared for their own image and

  16. X-amples says:

    Such bull SHIT!?

  17. Carla Wong says:

    $800! you charged him?! ?

  18. Jennifer Lee says:

    fake government fake hospital they are all hypocrites specially that
    director woman fake fake faaakeee shame on you ?

  19. Adam George says:

    Why would anyone want to get rid of that. It is by far one fo the most
    beautiful people I have seen. He is a symbol of mans connection with nature
    and should feel proud to be so unique?

  20. catsalive1 says:

    Why did they decide to treat him only after the Americans started to help

  21. SuperGman109 says:

    God give you this disease well im glad i don’t believe in him?

  22. Mr Spiffy16 says:

    Believing in god gives you tree warts lol?

  23. panwarin lu says:

    he has a very supportive family :)?

  24. Dayana Sachet says:

    one sec …. how he got the Human papillomavirus (HPV) in first place? he
    had unprotected sex? USE CONDOMS!!!?

  25. Garet Dupont says:


  26. Jannik Kristensen says:

    hug a tree, it creates positive energy?

  27. Sammuel Nevarez says:

    Humans 1 – Suffering .5. ?

  28. David Wang says:

    I don’t understand all the comments below. This was a much more
    interesting than your opinions of what God is or isn’t doing. You have
    turned this into about yourselves rather than Dede’s story and the
    beautiful aspects of it all. ?

  29. Baiba Saybe Kukute says:

    It breaks my heart seeing this man like this. One one deserves that kind of
    sickens or disease. My heart goes out to this man. I wouldn’t wish this
    even for my worst enemy. ?

  30. whitebread8381 says:

    amazing good job by the doctors who gave this man a new start?

  31. galanoth17 says:

    This was easy to fap to?

  32. e rad says:

    I”m curious if the Indonesian government read any of these comments. If
    not, they should. Crazy how they exposed themselves for the selfish,
    egotistical people that they are. ?

  33. John Deere says:

    It is horrible that Dede was swamped by the media, but US hospitals do this
    as well with rare medical cases, it’s just as intrusive and opportunistic.
    The patient gets care for free, and the hospital gets to use you and your
    case to get more funding. It’s a trade. I am not saying that I condone it,
    but at least Dede got some help and now has a better life.?

  34. BIGG91732 says:

    why am i scratching myself watching this ?

  35. Ine Wheeler says:

    how sad to to see this to happen to someone like dede,hope you get well son
    dede,i’m sure there’s someone out this world that would come and help this
    poor man with this deacease..?

  36. Anna Wu says:

    HOPE U GET CURE SOON!!!!! =’)?

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