Safe Home Remedies For Genital Warts

Genital warts occur in the human body due to a dangerous virus called the Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV). These warts are also known as Condylomata Acuminate or venereal warts. Such warts mostly occur around the genitals of the body like penis, anus, cervix, scrotum, vagina, rectum and vulva. There are many cures and home remedies for genital warts. But, such warts have no particular shape. They may be flat or grow in shapes that resemble a cauliflower. Those who have lot of sexual partners and don’t resort to sexual intercourse in a safe manner could be the major sufferers of this disease. The infection of the virus could become a great risk for the body. Generally, the teenagers and youngsters around the age of 20 years, came under genital warts clutch.

Turning the focus towards the common home remedies for genital warts, covering the infected portion using garlic is considered to be a handy treatment. The covered portion should be kept bandaged for a night. After that, the patient may take a bath and remove the bandage. Usually, a small blister appears at the spot, and the body should absorb the blister. Ideally, by continuing the process for two weeks, the infected portion should recover pretty fast. By applying apple cider vinegar and nail polish at th? infection portion every morning and evening for one week time also gives some good results and can be counted as one of the good home remedies for genital warts.

Another method if preventing the warts es using vitamin A from fish-liver-oil once a day, which gives a positive response in most cases. The patient should take garlic capsules and tablets. Spreading vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera juice, milkweed juice, clove oil, milk juice of unripe figs and lemon slices for two weeks may also help a lot in treatment of the genital warts.

Moreover, rubbing piece of chalk or raw potato and using the inner portion of banana could help in removing the warts from the body. As a matter of fact, the above-mentioned home remedies for genital warts have been known to be more effective than the medical drugs in many cases.

The warts could also be cured by applying a paste of vitamin C and water on them. With the application of castor oil over the wart, it could be kept in a dry environment and this would in turn prevent the bacteria/virus to proliferate in moisture.

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