Remedies For Genital Warts

Understanding HPV Causing Genital Warts

Looking for remedies for genital warts? Genital warts have to be one of the most common types of sexually transmitted disease. This problem is highly contagious and according to research, there’s a 60% risk of acquiring the virus just through a single contact with someone who has the problem. The demographic for genital warts range from individuals aging from 17 to 33 years old. Sadly, some cases of genital warts today are also evident in young children. In cases like this, the situation could have rooted from direct contact with an infected individual. This is also a sure sign of sexual abuse in children.

What Does Genital Warts Look Like?

Prior to discussing remedies for genital warts, it would be a good idea to first learn how to identify this problem. Genital warts are typically found along the genitalia and the anus. They are usually of flesh color and may show up in separate bumps or in clusters. Genital warts present not only in males but also in males. Some warts grow close together, creating the shape that resembles a cauliflower. Itching along the genital area is also common for individuals who have this problem. In more alarming cases, the genital area might start to bleed during sex.

What Causes Genital Warts?

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause of genital warts. There are actually about 100 different HPV types today but only 40% of those affect the genitals. Common warts in the body are caused by a different virus and are therefore not a risk. As already mentioned, the condition usually occurs after sexual contact with someone who is infected by the virus. After contact, it would take about three months for the genital warts to appear.

Additional risks are present should individuals have sexual encounter without the benefit of condoms. Unprotected sex with multiple partners and being exposed to other sexual complications might also increase the likelihood of contracting the virus.

Remedies for Genital Warts

There are several possible genital wart remedies found in the market today. Typically, caring for genital warts vary depending on the severity of the problem. The good news is that it is completely possible to treat the virus the minute it appears. This way, individuals would be able to control the problem and eventually stop it from spreading altogether. That being said, following are some of the remedies for genital warts.

Prescription Medicine This is perhaps the most common remedies for genital warts. The medicine is usually in cream form and is usually applied to the affected area several times every week. Some pills may also be advised by the doctor, depending on the severity of the problem. This usually kills off the skin cells of the warts, allowing individuals to get their clear and pink skin again. Some of the more common prescription medications include imiquimod and podofilox.

Cryotherapy – One of the remedies for genital warts that should be performed by a professional, cryotherapy can cause some discomfort in the individual. During the process, the warts are often frozen by a specific device, therefore triggering the death of the skin cells.

Electrocauterization – much like cryotherapy except instead of freezing, the warts are electrocuted. Lots of people are actually wary of using this, but electrocauterization has been proven to be one of the more effective treatments of genital warts. The process itself is easy and does not involve any risks especially when done by an experienced doctor. The burning process not only shaves off the unwanted skin cells but also cauterizes or stops the bleeding. A bit of pain may be felt but generally, the procedure is not something to worry about and provides immediate results.

Apple Cider Vinegar – one of the more popular natural remedies for genital warts is the use of apple cider vinegar. The logic is that the acid in the ACV is capable of killing off the excess skin, therefore allowing the removal of the warts. It’s basically safe which is why other people choose this in favor of other remedies for genital warts. The good news is that so far, this particular method has proven itself to be useful. The only problem is that it usually takes one week or more before results become evident. During this time, individuals would need to keep their warts soaked or exposed to ACV usually through the help of tampons or cotton balls.

Surgical Excision – as the name suggests, this is one of the types of cure is that just cleanly and efficiently cuts off the problem. This kind of procedure is obviously performed in the hospital where a doctor would be supervising the whole process. The process could be as quick or as long as possible depending on the severity of the genital warts. With this remedy, doctors utilize a sharp cutting instrument such as a scalpel or a knife to efficiently remove the growth.

Laser Therapy – lots of people are already familiar with this kind of treatment albeit not all of them categorize this as one of the options for remedy. Laser therapy works pretty much the same ways as electrocauterization in a sense that the warts are removed directly from the skin. This may or may not require several sessions depending on the severity of the problem. Laser therapy is also another safe procedure that is considered to be one of the most effective cure for the disease. Incidentally, laser therapy is also used for various operations today including the eye and sometimes even the mouth. The level of precision doctors can achieve through laser therapy makes it most effective ways to control and cure the genital warts, especially, for growths in the more sensitive parts of the genitalia.

Garlic Oil – another one of the suspected natural remedies for genital warts, garlic oil are basically applied directly to the applied area. According to studies, garlic boosts the immune system of the body, allowing the white blood cells to fight off the virus faster. The process itself may seem uncomfortable at first but some individuals who tried it found themselves happy of the results. Not surprisingly, there are also garlic powder tablets that are being sold in the market today. They may also be taken since garlic has natural antifungal properties.

Prevention and Cure for Genital Warts

Although there are lots of possible treatments for  warts, the best form of cure for this problem is to avoid getting it altogether. As much as possible, individuals should practice safe sex with the help of condoms. Being in a sexual relationship with one partner at a time would also help in lessening the risk of the problem. Keep in mind however that HPV may still exist on nearby skin such as along the crotch area, the anus or the skin between the thighs. Any contact with these skins may trigger and transfer HPV. Hence, the only real way to ensure that a person doesn’t contact the problem is by not having sex at all.

Should an individual find himself or herself affected by the virus, he or she should immediately see care providers and seek treatments. A quick trip to the doctor must be scheduled for a diagnosis and the subsequent prescription of medicine for the problem. With immediate action, it is possible to remedy genital warts within several days or weeks. Should the warts prove to be stubborn, there should be seeking help from the professionals would be the best step to take.

Aloe Vera – aloe vera is often used for the hair to keep it growing beautifully. However, reports show that the plant’s juice also contains ingredients that promote skin health. When applied directly to the warts on a daily basis, the aloe vera would dissolve the growth and leave a scar-less dermis. Of course, some people are not entirely sure of this as one of the remedies for genital warts and would often partner the treatment with the intake of prescribed medicines.

Change in lifestyles for possible Remedy for Genital Warts – Individuals who find themselves plagued by genital warts are advised to take an active role in boosting their immune system. This means eating more fruits and vegetables while at the same time exercising their body. Since genital warts are basically caused by a virus, the body is prepared to battle it out with the intruder. However, it will need a little help, hence the altered lifestyle for a healthier immune system.

There are actually lots of tips, suggestions and recommendation with regards to remedy of genital warts being  spread on the internet today. It would be very wise not to believe and trust all the information that being found on the internet without the counselling of medical professionals.

For more home remedies of such embarrassing  disease such as genital warts, try checking out different forums. Keep in mind though that none of them has been approved. Hence, it would be best for patients to first try out what their health professionals recommended and only utilize the natural remedies for genital warts should all else fail.

Treatments for Genital Warts and Possible Complications

As soon as the growth of warts is noticed, medical help must be immediately taken. This is because the longer they are left alone; the more extensive would the treatment need to be. Depending the on the size of number of warts, sufferers might find themselves taking multiple visits to the doctor to have the growth cauterized or lasered off. Not only is this process expensive, the repeated visits will also increase the discomfort of the said area.

Another alarming result of HPV that necessitates immediate use of remedies for genital warts is cancer. Research shows that some HPV’s cause vulva and cervical cancer in women. As for the males, genital warts do not cause penile cancer although other types of STD could do that. As of now, there are available vaccinations to prevent the onset of genital warts. Ideally, this should be done periodically for boys and girls over the age of 11.

What measures or steps should be taken for those who are already infected and contemplating genital wart remedies, the best thing to do is consult the doctor immediately. A professional should be able to provide them with different options in order to remove the genital warts from their body. Note that some individuals might not be allowed to undergo specific treatment for genital warts. For example, pregnant women would be more likely exposed to cryotherapy rather than have the warts removed through medication since it would harm the baby. Hence, the doctor is really the person who has a last say on the matter.


All in all, it would really be better for individuals to avoid the virus rather than finding the treatments for any kinds of diseases after the fact. However, all is not lost in the event that a person finds himself or herself contracting the virus. With the help of a doctor, they will find themselves having their old skin back minus the warts.

After successfully getting treatments for the disease, genital warts, though, it might be a good idea to inform past, present and future sex partners of the condition. This way, they too would be able to visit the doctor and have the problem treated before it becomes worse.

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